Süddeutsche Zeitung
Treasures in Word and Tone 

Joachim Kaiser and the Munich Piano Trio
deliver impressive interpretations.

"The leading editor of the South German newspaper (Joachim Kaiser) is the "Top of the class" not only among music reviewers, but also in his continuous youthful manner of mixing zeal and enthusiasm. Thus he expertly and eloquently prepared his audience for both works of the evening: Beethoven’s Trio in B Flat major, op. 97 (Archduke) and the Trio in E flat major, op. 100 of Franz Schubert. The trio, composed of Michael Arlt, violin, Gerhard Zank, violoncello, and Donald Sulzen, piano, has experienced some changes of pianists and violinists in the course of its 25-year existence. Who has remained is ... Gerhard Zank, whom it is also probably to be thanked that the current trio is nearly ideally cast. Splendid ... the interpretation of the marvellous Schubert Trio. The interaction of the three musicians took place as though inspired by one breath, creating a convincing balance and equality among the three voices, which is not easily attained in a piano trio."

Tagesspiegel Berlin
“The Munich piano trio tracks down the melancholic tone, the ardent mourning and the passion of the outbreaks sensitively; it implements the full scale of emotional states in a thrilling way.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung
“In their passionate interpretation, the three musicians drew the fullest possible sonority and flowing melodies out of their instruments, leading their exciting, homogenous ensemble to a fulminating climax. To speak simply of perfection, would not be enough. It was a culmination of artistic commitment, a most successful endeavour to achieve musical expression of the very deepest nature.”

“Thus one wishes chamber music evenings! A varied, wisely well-chosen program, spirited, dynamic, moving interpreters, mastering the most difficult passages with nonchalance, with discipline and split second harmonic changes”

Münchner Merkur
“Thesis – antithesis - synthesis: Mauricio Kagel's trio joins the elements from both preceding pieces. Quietly and restrained, played by the Munich Trio with tender elegance, the work begins, shifts suddenly to a sombre mood, and then erupts violently. Outstandingly played! “

Musical Opinion / London
“Dvorak’s ever welcome Dumky Trio was given an exhilarating and affectionate performance by this very musical trio.”

Luzerner Tagblatt
“The playing of three musicians appears exceptionally impulsive and fresh. Every measure of the music tastes of spontaneity, yet musical cohesion is maintained.”

Berliner Morgenpost
“Musical delicacies, which create a culinarily tasteful, elegant and transparent tonal picture, distinguish the three musicians. This was especially clear through their tremendously exciting rendition of Brahms` Piano Trio in B Major.”

Fanfare / USA
“The Munich Piano Trio plays enthusiastically and embraces the works in the most persuasive manner.”

Die Rheinpfalz
“Virtuosic brio and oblivious peace, transparency and compactness, care in detail and sovereignty in the long line, harmony in all questions of the musical meaning subject to the criteria of the articulation, agogic, dynamics and rhythm combined with their imponderability, made listening a true experience.”

Nürnberger Zeitung
“What this trio offered had momentous character. This naturally refers to the technically, masterfully perfect execution, but even more to the music itself. Seldom does an interested listening to a work change the hearer’s personal conviction, that the work may only be performed in such fashion. This was here the case. What one here heard was not the interpretation of a work, but the tonal metamorphosis of love was between the interpreters and the work.”

Münchner Merkur
“The Munich Piano Trio interpreted the partly enthralled hovering, partly aggressive hammering of the work virtually enthusiastically.”

Schwäbische Zeitung
“What an unusual concert evening this was! Even the very critical, spoilt listener who rarely talks in superlatives will consider this chamber-musical experience an artistic climax. The three musicians played with stunning musical urgency, profound creativity and a harmonious ensemble not to be matched.”

Münchner Merkur
“The three excellent musicians celebrated another Beethoven climax and aroused enthusiasm through their perfect yet highly musical, serious but also humorous playing.”

Schongauer Nachrichten
“A great moment of chamber music: this is the way the true classical music lover wishes chamber music to be, an enthusiasm which only a live concert can offer; any technical recording, regardless of quality, is a disappointment in comparison.”

Wilhelmshavener Zeitung
“Thanks to the beautiful fusion of the incredibly intense, ardent cello tone, the clearly defined lines of the piano and the delicate, fragile cantilenas of the violin, the public was overwhelmed with great pensiveness.”

The Strad
“The tension was broken with the lyricism of Dvorak’s ‘Dumky’ Trio; the Munich Piano Trio’s meltingly phrased performance made a suitable end to a month of virtuosic ensemble playing.”

Musical Opinion
“Dvorak’s ever-welcome ‘Dumky’ Trio was given an exhilarating and affectionate performance by this very musical trio.”